Magic of RSS Feeds

Magic of RSS Feeds

RSS: Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.

An RSS feed is an XML format for distributing news headlines or titles on the Web. It is quite similar like HTML.RSS Feeds are simply called as “a list of items”.It is also called as “RSS”, Atom, XML, “feed”

RSS Feed Aggregator tools:

• Web-based: Bloglines

• PC (offline): […]

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Power of Blogging

One of the biggest benefits of building a blog for your company is the increased traffic that comes from new content and new search listings in the search results.

In fact, extra listings in the search results are one of the best selling points if you are trying to convince your company to launch a blog. […]

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Great Steps for Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing and Viral Advertising is a powerful marketing technique.This uses existing social media channels to create brand awareness. And this also boosts the product sales or sign ups for a website. They will spread the message like computer viruses. Viral will spread across the web and encourages people to process the marketing message voluntarily. […]

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