When somebody thinks about your business, how does he think about your business? You have to build your brand in this line only. This becomes your asset when you plan to reach out to the existing and potential customers through the social media networks. It is always nice to highlight the human angle to the business.


  1. Be Selective: While going for social marketing, look for the platforms that help you build your business online.
  2. Assess your time and resources: Write online contents for the audience in the selected social media sites only. It is not mandatory to post content in all these sites. Think prudently and see which one gives more response and post the content in it.
  3. Make full social media profiles: Before embarking on the social media marketing, fill all the information related to your business to develop rapport with the audience and make your profile search engine friendly. Also pitch your case by telling the audience why you are different from others.
  4. Link your social accounts: Make it a point to link to your website, blog and within other social networks. This enables you to become visible to your users from whichever network they choose.
  5. Customize your social media URLs: Customize your brand and makes it easier for customers to find you by setting all the URLs.
  6. Keep Visual Consistency: Use the same or similar images on your social channels to reinforce branding consistency.
  7. Be human: Use the same style of communication you would use when socializing with a person. Social media offers a great opportunity for your customers to see your company’s true personality.
  8. Develop content that can be used on multiple social networks: By developing the social media content for multiple channels, you can cater to every media channel you wanted to concentrate on. That means paying attention to the text lengths that work on each platform, does not matter whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram.
  9. Create social campaigns: Develop campaign around your content. For example, October was Cyber-Security month. So develop content on Cyber security, providing sufficient tips and methodologies adopted.
  10. Provide valuable content: Make a point to deliver valuable content to your fans and followers. About 80% of the time, share your expertise in your field by posting content like how- to’s, answers to common questions and behind-the-scene tips. This will keep your fans engaged with your brand and help them be more receptive when you do mention your products and services the other 20% of the time.