Toputop is one-stop-shop for all your online marketing needs to analyze, research, content writing, web designing, creation of campaigns in search engines, content networks etc.., optimization of campaigns, reporting and track the results. TopuTop is not only the SEO Company, Our extended list of internet marketing techniques and strategies will help you to reach your business goals through online. We analyze your business and find out the suitable ways of advertising.

Our general steps for Online Advertising

1. Industry analysis and Keyword research
2. Keyword selection and Content writing
3. Website structure and Code optimization
4. Search engine & Directories submission
5. Custom reporting & Result tracking

Industry Analysis and Keyword Research

Toputop analyzes your business, Current industry trends and will do competitor research. From our internet marketing strategies, we will find out various ways, which are suitable for your business. We will find out where our competitors are promoting their products. Depending on this, we will suggest you the ways you can advertise.

Keyword research plays a major role to reach the targeted customers. We analyze the keywords in a wide range using different tools and then go deep with the profitable areas. Our keyword research techniques will definitely help you in reaching the targeted customers.

Keyword Selection and Content Writing

Keyword selection is the process after the keyword research. We will finalize the list of keywords which directly hits our targeted customers and grouping them accordingly. We are going deep from the wide range of keywords which are most profitable for our business.

Content writing is the most critical part and plays a vital role in search engine ranking. We will do a lot of brainstorm research for the content writing which will help you to reach the preferred customers. Significantly, a visitor can easily understand and moves step ahead from the content.

Website Structure and Code Optimization

Toputop can design professional, informative, smart and well-structured webpages that are able to drive users to your website and make you get the most out of them. We analyze the market, trends and decide the website structure accordingly.

Code optimization is an important task to optimize the websites. We are placing all important Meta tags, title tags, tracking codes for search engines and analytics which will help you to attain your refined customers and track the performance accordingly.

Search Engine & Directories Submission

We analyze your business and decide which platforms and search engines are beneficial for your business. We create and maintain your accounts through targeted keywords and ad copies in different Search engines, Content networks and Shopping engines.

For the Organic listings, we prepare the articles related to your business and submit that into Directories, Articles, Forums and social book marking sites. These are the easy and transparent ways to accomplish your refined customers directly.

Custom Reporting & Result Tracking

Reporting helps the website owners to know the performance in a periodic manner. We provide customized reporting for the clients to know about the performance charts in a daily, weekly and monthly basis according to the client’s requirement. We offer reporting for the analyzing part also that a client can understand the progress and know about the featured strategies.

We track the results according to the reporting, present our comments and strategies to move ahead depending on the performance charts. We analyze, make report, prepare future plans and present expected benefits according to the result tracking.

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