Podcasting: It is a form of audio broadcasting using the Internet, like an on-line radio show.

It is simply called as distribution of multimedia audio files over the Internet to promote the product or service.

Podcasting is latest trend as it uses the subscriber methods to deliver the audio files over the internet through RSS feed program.

Podcast is also used as an educational tool for adults and children.

Users can subscribe to these podcasts through


Types of Podcasts:

  • Radio Programs
  • News shows
  • Music audio tours

For creating Podcasting we need following items

  • Microphone
  • Digital recorder or computer
  • Audio-editing software

Ex. Audacity , Goldwave ($45) , Adobe Audition ($299)

  • Royalty-free music or sounds

Tips for Great Podcasting:

  • Use Good Microphone
  • Maintain a distance
  • Use quality editing software
  • Minimize background noise
  • Try as many times as you can
  • Test it carefully
  • Record in a sequence of episodes
  • Add transitions and background music wherever necessary

Why Pod casting is so popular:

  • It can provide a direct message to the user about the product or service.
  • It is latest trend
  • Keyword “Podcasts”  has 60 million hits on Google
  • iTunes podcast subscriptions are 1 Million and counting.
  • USA Today podcast directory has 3,000 plus programs

Business Podcasting:

  • Implementation of the podcast
  • Audience
  • Goals
  • Focus
  • Find a host or hosts
  • Develop a format
  • Prepare agendas
  • Coaching

Business podcast has target users in following types

  • Company Corporate news updates
  • Product oriented content
  • Customer oriented content
  • Marketplace announcements
  • Materials like upcoming events, interviews etc

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