Imagine sitting in a lone coffee shop in the desert fingering an empty cup not knowing what to do next and then your phone beeping, “Pyramids of the Lou’wa—only 5 km away!” Walking the unknown roads will no longer be a romantic notion with geo-location media becoming a reality. It’s like even when nobody knows where you are, your phone knows!

It is expected that by 2014, all the phones in the market would be smart phones. Smart phones are location aware and they are deemed as the next big thing in the area of marketing where smaller businesses and location specific enterprises are expected to raise their threshold market reach.


What geo-location marketing or location based marketing offers us is the opportunity to reach people as they are on the move via GPS mapping technology. It is definitely ‘the’ chance for small businesses to have real reach over people as this technology kicks in. Only thing is they need to be absolutely ready for this futuristic technology. Well, it was boggling for us too, the effect this technology could have over world markets. While we are in the business of internet marketing, it does us little good if we do not keep a check on emerging, especially ground breaking technologies, does it?

First things first Geo-location media is not a thing of tomorrow. It is happening now! By the end of 2010, geo location marketing is expected to change global

As mobile applications are still in the developing phases to enable wide range location based marketing possibilities, there is always the sidle-line contenders like email marketers for example who are vying for location-prioritizing too. Applications are being developed on a large scale to sort email addresses according to location. The sudden frenzy to find location optimized marketing technology only points at the global marketing trends inevitably shifting in favor of location based marketing.

Making sure your small business is geo-location ready is one of the first things you need to do—drop whatever’s in your arms now! Are you marked on the current geo-location maps? Are you geo-tagging your applications? Are you building loyalty generating programs to go with your digital presence? Keep watching this space as we guide you to make your business location centric as you still mark your presence in the global village.

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