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Big Brands are Using Social Media

Big brands like Dell, Pepsi and MTV are using social media in right way to listen to their consumers.

Dell Social Media:

Dell Ideastorm allow customers to participate in the dell’s products and services by sharing their own ideas through this Ideastorm.This website has already contain 1000 viewer generated ideas are there.
Dell is using social media in a successful way over 20 twitter accounts and several company blogs to attract millions of visitors per month.
Dell Ideastorm Twitter account

Pepsi Social Media:

Pepsi has started a rebranding phase. Pepsi has created a room at Friendfeed to catch the consumer feedback. This room is currently having 250+ members which are operated by Pepsi social media team.

Pepsi has reached out to 25 (digital and social media influences) with three separately-shipped packages. Instead of creating channels in Facebook and Myspace they have their unique way by creating portal Pepsimax but it is still in beta testing. This move is to engage young cola drinkers.

Pepsi is also operating a photos stream in flicker for rebranding purpose.

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