Brand Strategy

Come to the market with a plan? We’ll help you stick to it. While running a business, sometimes we diversify, sometimes we experiment, sometimes we falter. And each and every move we make affects our brand identity in some way because your customers are always on the watch.
Let not the daily nuances of your businesses affect your brand. Let us help you create a brand strategy that creates and maintains a brand identity that sticks. Through your digital endeavours, you can reflect the integrity of your brand, protect your brand identity and improve your brand awareness exponentially.

SEO is a stepping stone

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps divert traffic on to your website, bringing in thousands of visitors to your very own platform every single day. TopuTop™ is India’s premier SEO agency that has been successful in veering hordes of online visitors to deserving websites and online platforms.

How does SEO work?

There are several techniques that help build the credibility of a website in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Link building, affiliate marketing, site maps, article bases, etc. coupled with social media marketing are just some of the ways to drive traffic on to your website. Ensuring that browsers are able to find you easily is a fundamental part of brand building online.

Brand Identity Through SEO

What are people associating your brand too? When the whole world is online, that is a hard question to answer. At TopuTop™, we have the means to figure out exactly what people are associating your brand to and we can help building your brand along these lines.

If you ‘want’ people to associate your brand to their specific needs, we will do this as well through SEO. For example, if you want people to recognise your brand with ‘healing messages’ as opposed to relaxing or toning massages, we will make sure people will find you on top of their search results for ‘healing messages’ while diverting them to the topic of healing massages if they are searching for something else.

‘Keywords’, the essential element of SEO can change the entire outlook of your brand without you having to do anything at all! Which is why SEO is most definitely the first and essential step towards developing and implementing your brand strategy.

Positioning your Brand

Brand strategy is forever incomplete without the right placement. Finding the right places on the World Wide Web that will suit your brand, be it discussion forums, popular blogs, traffic generating third party sites or Social Media groups and pages, is our duty. Living up to the image by creating the right product is yours.

SEO is not just about driving a ton of traffic onto your site. It’s also about redirecting traffic from the right places. For example, people who buy music exist at an entirely different web destination as opposed to those scouting for free music. Positioning your brand at deserving places is our speciality.

We will create a video that will generate enormous target audience response and be automatically shared in blogs, social media, and websites.

We will drive traffic to a different website that is reputed for its product reviews in your domain and places your brand there OR places your brand through Social Media Marketing in web locations that your target audience is already familiar with.

We will help raise discussions and talk about your product or the general domain of your product and divert meaningful profiles onto your platform.

Driving Web Traffic Towards Sales:

At TopuTop™, we take your sales personally. No matter how much brand visibility you have, no matter how much people are talking and reading and watching what you have to say, you are not a brand to them unless they are using your product. At TopuTop™, we ensure you find that real brand-and-customer connection by helping you generate sales.

Generating content, product packaging, product placement, landing page design, catalog-management and customer outreach are just some of our specialities that will help you achieve your necessary targets. Fine tuning your target reach to the granular level is achievable through a variety of combinations of Search Engine Optimization, Multimedia seeding, Social Media Optimization and Viral Marketing.