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Branded Content Marketing

Currently, marketers are shuffling through the reports generated in 2014 to predict the upcoming media trends. During the course of the search, there have been debates and fruitful discussions on the marketing strategies and choice of publishing partners. After a few deliberations, the experts were to gauge what is in store and where to focus the branded content topics in the months to come.

What to Expect?

Most forecasts are the products of data that keeps on accumulating due to various activities in the business field. After perusing the data, the shifts in consumer behavior and media consumption habits with surveys of marketers are deduced. Combining both, we get a pretty clear picture of what to expect. For instance, one such deduction that could be found from the big data is the slow rise of investments in social media by various enterprises. The study also showed the evidence of the increase of investment in the online video advertisement. This trend is steadily growing over the years and it will continue to find favor with brands. After having said that, we need to know what form these investments will take. We also need to know which formats will continue to prove popular in the market. Another question that may arise in the mind would be the nature of change in our application to get the discernable change. These kinds of predictions are harder to make. The after effect of the study is an exploration of three content marketing trends. Based on their current trajectory, consumer interest, and industry buzz, we have come to three formats to do the branded content marketing. They are listed below.

  • Social Media Content for Every Occasion: The consumers are four times likely to view a branded Vine video than a more standard brand video. If we can make a short-duration video content that is animated and goofy, the people are going to watch that more than anything else. Hence, it is better to generate social media content for every occasion, preferably in the form of a video content.
  • Branded Tumblrs Take Users Behind the Scene: This offers a lot in the way of marketing options. Many of these are outlined in social site’s Marketer’s sales and brand strategy blog. Sponsored posts now tap Yahoo technology. The recently launched sponsored trending blog unit taps mobile audiences and the most-read sections of the network.We can use these platforms to post videos about upcoming product releases and tips to ensure their usage to generate the traffic.
  • Online Films Will Get Even Longer: The companies are now generating longer-duration video contents about the services and products to generate the awareness about them. To a larger extent, these videos were able to generate the need for buying the products or availing the services in the minds of the people who have seen them.
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