Two decades back, the means of advertising was through paper ads, fliers and posters in the main marketing areas. Internet was only a part of big companies in those days where it is not available for common man. Thanks to some big companies, Now internet is everything and it can fetch you everything from somewhere to anywhere. Internet became a part of common life and it is available for anyone in the world. There are billions of internet users in the world market for various purposes.



Now a day’s internet became popular and providing a wide scope for doing online marketing and online businesses.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is nothing but online marketing through various forms like web, email or direct sales on ecommerce sites. Internet marketing is used along with TV marketing, paper ads, magazines and radios. But some companies solely depend on the internet marketing for their business; they generate their leads through their websites and email marketing.

Internet marketing is like an ocean where can pick some marketing tactic for promoting the businesses. In the clear perspective, internet marketing can be in the handled in three ways:

• Web marketing

• Email marketing

Social media marketing

Web marketing you can do affiliate web marketing, e-commerce selling and marketing, optimized results for your web pages through SEO and online advertising on search engines. With this you can also create a brand image for your business with precise content in your promotions.

Email marketing is nothing but promoting a business through mass mail campaigns. The mail content should be impressive, precise and clear for attracting the eyes of the users.

Social marketing helps in advertising and marketing the business on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc… The impressive ad campaigns can go viral through social marketing.

What are the important pillars for internet marketing?

With a broader perspective, we can recognize four important pillars for internet marketing. They are:

• Relationships with the customers; nothing but maintain returning customer base with impressive words and service.

• Direct response copy writing.

• Marketing unique and impressive content.

• Selling something useful; might be a product, an idea etc…

Pick some beautiful marketing strategies from the ocean of internet marketing to establish a business in the online market and make some good money.