CMS Customization

We live in a world today where “Content is King”. Without the right content, it is impossible for any business to survive in the online market as that is the one thing that is present between your customer and you. If you have the right content in terms of text, images, and easy functionality, your website will be an instant hit. The most famous websites in the world are not the best just because they are endowed with attractive colors. It is the ease of navigation, to-the-point content and the user experience as a whole that makes a lot of customers.

With companies having branches all over the world, it became mandatory to have an easily accessible Content Management System that employees could maintain.We, at TopuTop, offer out-of-the-box integration of your content management system with your own portal so that you don’t have to look for other CMS’s outside for integration. By saying this, we mean that you now have full access to change anything you need.

Once you integrate your portal with a CMS, you can do daily updates too. You can add news and events, update pages, add images and videos, and all this with just a click of a button. Now isn’t this a one-stop-shop solution for your business? Hence by integrating CMS within your website, you are now saved from the redundancy that can happen when data is stored in several different places thereby confusing employees as to which data is currently being used. It also saves you from the burden of transferring data from another machine to yours which though may sound normal can sometimes be a humongous task.

At TopuTop, you’ll find the best fit for your business requirements and our best-of-breed technology solutions. With a simplified and affordable workflow by our seamless CMS integrations, you can now take a breather as your content is not only well maintained but also easy to modify.