Digital Asset Optimization

Search Engine Optimization + Social Media Optimization = Digital Asset Optimization

Digital Asset Optimization is also termed as SEO 2.0 or next generation SEO. With the changes in consumer preferences, search pattern, search engine algorithms, evolution of new search channels and social media release, the demand for improvement in search engine optimization is raised to the next pace.

How different is DAO from SEO?

Search engine optimization mostly focuses on the optimization of the website in indexing by search engine spiders, aligning content, keyword positioning, link building, link exchange and many more to rank you high in the search results. This tactics will solely help you in web page optimization. The rising fame of social media channels and content sharing websites created an opportunity for new ways of promoting your business.

Search patterns revealed that the users are showing more interest towards the messages driven through interactive media like images, audio, video, podcasts and widgets. Videos uploaded in the services like YouTube will be crawled much more frequently than the videos present in the individual sites. Digital Asset management and optimization trespass of all the popular tools to permit search engines know that your website is having more than text.

Digital Asset management includes clear description of audio and video files, alternative text for images, widget titles and sitemap optimization.

Why everybody concentrates on content?

Consumers wishes to see more content in assorted formats so that they can make smarter decisions to purchase a product/service. Search engines demands for more content because it caters them with added inventory from which they can manage advertisements. Internet marketing firms wants their clients to publish excess content in order to captivate increased search traffic and sales.

Advantages of Digital Asset Optimization

• Rich multimedia indexing
• Improved page rank
• Amplified site traffic
• Targeted audience
• Increased customer insight
• Increased back links

Toputop facilitates you with a seamless Digital Asset Optimization strategy to reside on the top of new advent trends and to intensify the visitor frequency and traffic to your website.

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