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Digital Branding

Remember those days when companies used to brand everything and anything in plain sight or arms reach of customers? From the carry bags at the supermarket to the wristbands at amusement parks to giant balloons tied to skyscraper, any printable material outside your home is branded with the logo. And now these brands can reach customers digitally, directly in the confines of their home. But guess what? They are still branding the outside. And why? Because of the power of the material.

TopuTop brings you the power of the material to your virtual branding efforts: the tangible, unmistakable presence of a brand that creates a whole segment of long-term memory in the minds of customers as if your brand is sitting in their laps and not on the computer.

Digital Branding is not just about creating a Brand Identity over the internet. The trick is to continue building the brand effortlessly. At TopuTop, we empower you to completely own your brand, to sustain the power that your brand has over the masses and to scintillate your audience with your every move.

Our Answer : CMS

A Content Management System is the one way that you can keep your brand power alive on the internet by updating and managing your web presence effortlessly. At TopuTop, we are masters of the CMS’s with unlimited possibilities like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

We create for you, using these configurable web-building tools, unique websites with all possible features and give you the keys to the maintenance! You will no longer have to run after your web developer to make the tiny changes in the text or to change a graphic that’s conflicting with your logo. We give you the chance to own your web identity, truly and completely.

Through a CMS based website you can :

Earn subscribers to your content

If people identify with your brand, they would love to keep themselves updated. If you are getting enough traffic to your website and you have earned a genuine following through your efforts in the social media circuit, you need to own that following. And you can do that by saying hello to them in their most personal space: their e-mail.

Through a CMS, you can prompt your visitors and followers to subscribe to your newsletters and keep themselves connected to your brand. You can link these newsletters to customized landing pages ‘you’ get to create through a CMS. A Content Management System is the best piece of software you can own to continue your digital branding practices.

Generate and update content and graphics on to your website any time you want

Have some news to share with the world? Have an announcement to make to all your loyal followers? Have an idea you would like to present to the world and get its feedback on? Have a new collection to upload to your E-Catalogue?

The custom-created web-based tools we create and handover to you will help you sync your offline activities to online. And once you have the power to update your own website and blog (all of which we will set up for you), your social media marketing activities can also flow effortlessly and every digital stream can direct your audience on to your web platform.

Embrace new technologies

The popularity of Content Management Systems like Joomla or WordPress ensure that these systems are indeed the doorways to new technologies. Be it social media sharing widgets, consumer interaction applications, survey algorithms and applications or any other revolutionary concept, they will always find themselves knocking the doors of the CMSs to enter the World Wide Web.

At TopuTop, we ensure that you will make the best of the web experience by creating customized Administration Panels based on these CMS’s and even train your personnel to manage your web interface effectively.

We do it by letting the customers own each of your digital properties with your name on it.

Steps to Digital Branding and the Tools we use :

Retention : Website for Branding

Engagement : SMM for Branding

Impact : Viral Elements (Videos, Presentations, Ad Copy, etc.)

Retention :

A simple website is enough to retain a visitor’s attention. Check out how we use the first five seconds of a browser’s attention to turn him/her into a visitor

Engagement :

Giving out the information about your fantastic product and even making your customer buy the product is not enough to make them keep coming back. Maybe they will think of you the next time they want to buy your product or use your portal, but until then you are non-existent to them. An important part of digital branding is to stay in the plain sight of your customers and visitors, as much as possible

Impact :

Digital Branding has its perks. You can create a huge impact on your audience once you have your audience or even before it if you know what you are doing. And if you do not, TopuTop is always there to ensure you make an impact anyway. So how do you go about creating a huge wave in the digital ethos?

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