Google has reentered the social network with Google buzz, a social networking tool. Now it is the hot buzzing topic online. It is a social networking tool which can be used to share the information, photos, videos and any content that you want to share online. It is a platform to start conversation about the things that you find interest. It is integrated into the Gmail ID.


You can access Google buzz from the existing gmail account. It is the aggregate of all the social networking tools. You can share what ever you want to share online. Post the information you’d like, uploading the photos and videos and what ever you like to share?? You can view the posts, comments from your friends in your mail box directly. Buzz has integrated with other Google products like Google reader, Google maps, etc.

As Google has millions of gmail users it spread among many in no time. It is open and liberates the user to choose the way to share the information and communicate with friends or with public. The highlights of Google Buzz are that it combines various social media tools into one intelligent social media tool. Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, YouTube, Blogger, FriendFeed, and Twitter are currently integrated. One special feature is that you need not to search for new friends as it is accessed through your gmail account, you can share the information with your existing friends on gmail. You can communicate with the closed group of friends or the public, with the power to reply, comment on their photos, videos , links and share all the information, as well as to post simple updates right from your Gmail accounts, from anywhere in the world, basically, anything under the sun. The more information users share, tag, or create, the more data is created on Google’s platform to organize, giving them opportunity to monetize.

Buzz is integrating all the social networking sites at one place to reach out all your prospects with in few minutes. The Use of Google buzz will be an online branding platform for more exposure for new prospects. You can upload your profile and marketing information to enhance your online presence. Google buzz can be a good marketing tool. It has stemmed from the search engine giant- Google. As it is composed on the grounds of Google it can turn into a powerful internet marketing tool. It lasts a unique experience of its kind. It has the combined features of Twitter and facebook, so it is very flexible to manage your communication.

Although it is an initial version, you can expect the advertising options to appear for brands who want to promote relevant ads wherever Buzz is located, especially on SERP. Something that is unique with Google Buzz is the fact that when it is accessed via a mobile phone, it will be found to integrate itself with Google map. This will in turn allow its users to know the whereabouts of the members of the network that they are using.

Buzz stands on top of existing Gmail, mobile devices, and dominant search portal. It can integrate the entire internet very soon. It is undergoing changes to resolve the user’s privacy concern problems raised in the first version.

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