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Giving out the information about your fantastic product and even making your customer buy the product is not enough to make them keep coming back. Maybe they will think of you the next time they want to buy your product or use your portal, but until then you are non-existent to them. An important part of digital branding is to stay in the plain sight of your customers and visitors, as much as possible.

Because they don’t come to you, you need to go to them

At TopuTop, we use Social Media Marketing, E-mailers, Mobile Applications and many more cutting edge techniques to make sure you are always at a click’s reach to your audience.

Social Media Marketing : Your target audience live in this neighbourhood called Social Media.

This is their permanent address : Facebook

At TopuTop, we ensure you are a friendly neighbour to all your target audience. Here’s how Facebook works: You have a Facebook Page for your business.

Step 1 : You redirect traffic to this page from your Search Engine Optimized web page or through Link Building, through other social media platforms like Twitter, StumbleUpon, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. or through Facebook itself.

Step 2 : The landing page content on your Facebook page should interest the visitor enough for him/her to like the page. How you can do that:

Interesting and stimulating content that can include graphics, videos, etc.

Engage visitors in an activity through an application, quiz, survey or polls (which requires liking the page before participation).

Conduct an online event and get visitors to RSVP.

Promise value for attention (like discounts, sales, new products, new events, free information booklets, etc.

Step 3: You are now just a neighbour and still not the friendly neighbour. Become the friendly neighbour:

Interact : Facebook strictly monitors which news can go into a user’s news feed. This is decided by analysing how much a user interacts with one particular profile or page.

Engage them with Content :

the number of times a user visits your profile, the more chances you have of appearing in their newsfeed. The engagement you can achieve with several profiles largely depends on quality content. TopuTop can provide that content for you

Direct Communication: If a user comments on your post or picture, here’s your chance to make direct contact. There is no better digital branding technique than direct communication.

This is Their Regular Coffee House : Twitter

At TopuTop, we help you become a part of the conversation. Make no mistake, Twitter is the most effective Social Media Marketing tool till date and its potential is tremendous. You can use twitter to drive traffic to your web page or your Facebook page, you can create buzz about your new products and even redirect sales and create a huge following for your brand.

Twitter makes Digital Branding an academic concept and we will help you make the most of it. Through us, you can be one of the Twitterati, the one with the loudspeaker.

Make the most of Twitter API :

Branding can reach laser precision and effectiveness through twitter. Filter the audience you really want to reach and interact with them through Direct Messages, @Replies and in numerous follows. At TopuTop, we use the technology catered by twitter, namely Twitter API to bring you closer to your target audience based on their profile information, their tweets and even their location and activity. Digital Branding or any kind of branding has never been this precise!

Become Follow-able :

The term follow is used lightly on Twitter. Each person with a twitter account follows hundreds or thousands of other people and profiles. The ability to stand out in this crowd is crucial and can be achieved through quality content. That is the essence of Social Media Marketing indeed.

Become Approachable :

While your quality content stimulates follower interest, as much that they could be breathtakingly waiting for your next tweet, you can extract customer loyalty through your branding efforts by being a friendly approachable brand. It’s like you own the table at the coffee shop and the people you want to talk to know that they can reach you anytime.

This is where they go to work : LinkedIn

If you are a B2B Enterprise, there is no place better than LinkedIn to find and interact with your target audience. People are in awe of everything that is on LinkedIn for one reason: Here they can see what people around the world are creating.

Become the subject of their awe:

LinkedIn has strict and stringent rules about who can interact with who and has two types of accounts, unlike Facebook and Twitter. Taking the pain to establish your niche on LinkedIn makes sure you never run short of business contacts or clients (in a case of B2B), gets your business into the eyes of the media and can make you a pioneer in your field, especially in the eyes everyone else in the field. This is not a place to propagate discount coupons, but is the place to be respected and ‘referred’ and talked about in the professional world. If you run your business like a corporate, LinkedIn is your oyster.

Start the Talk :

Social Media Marketing is all about ‘the talk’. Starting an intellectual conversation is very simple in LinkedIn which could be done by creating a group, starting a discussion in an existing group or involving your own connections on a discussion board. Selling new ideas to a VC, introducing a new product to the right customer base and getting feedback over a project or a process has never been simpler.

Give Stuff to Getting Stuff :

Management gurus make LinkedIn their second home. For one simple reason: In LinkedIn, people listen. Give them educative tips, give them material or give them personal guidance and they will be your followers forever. At TopuTop, we create the environment that is needed for you to make this kind of impact on your audience.

Become the Branding Iron yourself :

Your company, your ideas, your projects, and events can all be represented in LinkedIn along with achieving a following for the same. Through this, you can redirect traffic to your own web pages, sign people up for newsletters and create a supportive web community. Once you have communicated with your audience intellectually, you have achieved the highest sense of branding.

At TopuTop, we can do your research for you, contact the right people and create the stimulating discussion that will lead your audience to connect to your brand in all possible ways.

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