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Facebook Marketing for Business

For marketing your business successfully on Facebook, you need to understand Facebook’s unique opportunities and features. The knowledge of these aspects of Facebook helps you to make out how it differs from other media. Just as you wouldn’t run a radio advertisement on television, you shouldn’t market on Facebook the way you would market in a magazine or on your website. Hence, I have enumerated certain tips to let you successfully market your business using Facebook over The Internet.

  • Don’t Use Facebook for Hard sell: Generally people join the Facebook to share resources such as text, video, photo with their friends and relatives. They also use the chat messenger on the Facebook platform to chat with their friends. People do this in informal and relax manner. Hence, you should enter the community first and become friends to further your business. So, hard sell tactics will not work in this environment.
  • Have a clear goal and strategy: While using Facebook, you should have goal and strategy to achieve that goal. This enables you to have a correct direction for your marketing and grade its progress on this platform.
  • Create the human voice for business: The members of this community would like to talk to the people, not to impersonal businesses. Hence, you need to make a human voice for your business to develop the rapport with the people.
  • Post regularly: Like any social media site, Facebook also is built around the frequent and regular posts. According to one estimate, at least 50% members of this platform check their pages on a daily basis. Hence, they need to see you paste new material every day.
  • Encourage comments and give quick reply: After becoming informal, you should encourage the people to post comments on your page. Also, you should post the replies as soon as possible to keep the audience in your page engaged.
  • Use pictures and videos: The pictures and videos improve the appeal of your Facebook page. Hence, use these resources to keep your friends and other audiences in good humor and engaged.
  • Nurture your relationships: Take your own time to develop relationships with your friends and customers. Keep them in good humor by providing them with regular and useful contents. Also, try to reward them for their loyalty.
  • Promote Facebook page: Provide your Facebook page link on your letterhead, business card, and website to make it reach as many people as possible to get more customers.
  • Use Facebook insights to learn more about customers: Facebook Insights can tell you more about the people who choose to like your page. Once you know your Facebook friends’ characteristics, you can tailor your posts and offers to meet their needs and interests.
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