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Gone were the days when marketing was a skill you could learn it only in an esteemed college or university. This is the new millennium and it sure has put many old school methods to rest. Technology has replaced in seconds what many that were deemed as scholars or scientists took years to assemble. With the advent of social networking, social marketing was the obvious next step. But who would’ve thought that Marketing would one day be done right from the comfort of our own home. The use of technology and media has opened doors for many whose dream of being an entrepreneur seemed impossible. With all these avenues in front of us, there was a name that started ringing everybody’s doorbells and that name was FACEBOOK. With over half a billion users, it has revolutionized the term Marketing thus creating a whole new paradigm called Facebook Marketing. So, how does one achieve this? Here are a few tips to start you over.

Creating a Profile:Having a profile establishes your identity on this international network which is the first step. Since a profile consists of a wall, a profile picture and a chance to add friends, photos or video, each has to be dealt with exclusively.

Profile Picture: As someone said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, your profile pic should be one that is above the rest. It should be attractive and at the same time should convey everything about your business.

Wall: The Wall is a place where you voice yourself. You can post messages on your wall every day and also comment on your friends or customers activities thus letting them know that you are genuinely interested in them and not only for business.

Add Friends: Keep adding friends everyday to let them know your presence and that you are here to grow and expand in as many ways as possible but don’t overdo it.

Add Photos/Videos: Adding photo or video content is essential to your business development as it would be posted on everyone’s news feed and wouldn’t miss their eye.

Creating Groups, Fan Pages and Events: Creating Groups lets you stay in touch with everyone in your group and any update can be sent at once instead of doing it multiple times for each of your friends/customers.

Fan pages allow you to create a public presence on Facebook as these are visible to everyone on the internet.

Events allow you to publicly meet your customers as they can participate in product launches, anniversary celebrations etc. thereby enriching customer experience and increasing your fan base.

Now that you’ve established yourself on Facebook, there are many ways to further the process of marketing, a few of which have been listed below.

Let your page be filled with lots of fun and personality to enable you to attract more customers.

Holding contests and opinion polls generate a lot of network traffic to your website and also to your Facebook page.

Actively participate and support other facebook pages related to your industry and that will add credibility to your business and gives space for mutual exchange as well.

Last but not the least, nothing can replace a touch of gratitude to all your customers thanking them for their extended support throughout your business journey.

Facebook Marketing has gained buzz around the Social Networking and become must for a brands to promote their products or services through online.

Facebook is now the one of the viral social networking with more active users.

The main advantage is we can target particular location using Facebook advertising options. By using Facebook advertisers can have an option to Precise Targeting by age, location gender with multiple options and also advertisers can optimize their ads using a real-time monitoring system.

By using Facebook Social Ads / Facebook advertising , advertisers can reach over 200 Million active Facebook users.

Facebook Marketing is must for brand because it has

• Sponsored Groups

• Mini-Feed

• Facebook Ads

• Over 200 Million active users

• 600,000 new user’s everyday

• Fastest growing demographics

• Facebook Events

• Facebook Fan pages

• Facebook Page insights

• Average user time: 25 Minutes

• 100 Million Users return daily

• Profile Application Integration

Facebook Marketing is here to stay. With the increasing number of new users coming in, this may become a one-stop solution for business entrepreneurs not just now but for a few more years to come.

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