I was at my cousin’s place the other day and like any other of the millions using the social networking site, I had the uncontrollable urge to check my Facebook account. So, I made my way to the computer upstairs to find my 13 year old niece uploading snaps of the party downstairs into ‘her’ Facebook account. I was amused and even stunned. It just made my opinion that almost everybody is on Facebook unshakeable. So, what makes this site so popular? And how can it help you market your business?


Facebook is one of those social platforms where the content is open to the general public. It is easier to create a page on Facebook and market your product than any other site in the present social media scenario. People can’t seem to get enough of it. They are constantly checking out new pages, becoming a fan, participating in the discussions, opinionating, liking and even placing the ads in their home pages to show support. It is the facebooker’s ailment; they just can’t seem to get enough of it. What started out as a closed social networking site for college students has sure made millions in the world stay connected?

A major advantage while using Facebook to promote your product or Facebook marketing is the ability to control and manipulate the variable of demographics. It is easy to choose and target the age groups or likeminded people as Facebook is a place where people flaunt their opinions and alliances. So if you are planning to sell even hay, there will sure be a group that says, ‘People who love hay.’ Humor aside, it is just an example to show the all prevailing nature of the social networking site.

The mini news feed and the news feed always keeps the users of the application updated about the posts and comments in the application’s home page. If you are marketing yourself or your product using Facebook is sure to customize your Facebook page to attract more traffic. Tag photos and videos and advertise your events using the new Facebook events. The Marketplace in Facebook  is like a classifieds listing service, in which you can place ads in any one of your networks for free but have to shell out 1$ if you use various other networks. When Facebook opened itself to third-party developers in the form of Facebook Platform, it was a move that was lauded by marketing gurus all over the world. Using this Platform, independent developers can create and make their application usable to the millions of users of the site.

As Social Media Marketing has huge future potential all that is said above barely scratched the surface of what you could possibly do for your business using Facebook. Try it out for yourself and see the wonders it does to your product’s popularity.

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