Facebook Video Advertising

Facebook had started and the video advertising for the marketers and growing strategically on the web. Previously, the marketers used to approach the YouTube platform only for the video advertising and video promotions and also approached several other platforms for their videos. But, the Facebook platform introduced the video ads for the marketers and developed the quality and ease of their comfort in approaching the consumers. The Facebook allows the real-time engagement between the audience and the marketers efficiently.

So, the platform has started the premium Facebook video ads for the marketers which are also known as an Autoplay video ads on the Facebook. These autoplay videos are playing for 15 seconds on the news feed without any sound if the viewers were interested in the auto played video ads then they can click on to that video to plate full screen with sound. These types of video ads are very engaging today as it makes the audience get attracted towards the ads.

The Facebook video ads will not consume the data that can be used via mobile while watching the video ad on a platform. iOS app for Facebook is also available for the mobile. These types of ads also result in the highest targeted gross ratings within a short period of time. So, the marketers are choosing the Facebook as their medium for the video advertising efficiently. Many service providers like TopuTop offers the Facebook video advertising services and support for the marketers for better Success in video ads.

Facebook Video Advertising Services:

  • Facebook profile management services
  • Reputation management services
  • Social video optimization and creation
  • App engagement services
  • Facebook video campaign designing
  • Facebook video optimization services