Visibility of a site – the ease with which potential customers can find it among the competitors – is a crucial factor in making a success of a business website. The goal is rarely to obtain the highest possible number of visitors but instead, and importantly, obtaining the highest possible number of wanted visitors, directed to the most appropriate pages on the site. There are so many misconceptions about what makes a successful website.

Seek Advertising Partners

Arrange with other web masters who have a web site that your visitors might be interested in to trade advertising with you. You advertise for them, they advertise for you. This gives you links to your site, provides additional resources from your site for your visitors and sends more visitors your way.

Get Listed In Directories

There are thousands of large and small directories out there.  Many are topic oriented to a specific market only.  Your listing should be in as many directories as possible.

Develop Your Own Directory

Having your own personal directory helps to increase traffic to your domain when others come in to add their listing.  It also helps increase the size of your web site, offers your visitors a multitude of resources they would be interested in.


• The general markers of credibility, and how different source, message and receiver characteristics affect people’s perceptions of information;

• The impact of information medium on the assessment of credibility; and

• The assessment of credibility in the context of information presented on the Internet.


Website Usability is very import for the successful web ventures.

4.Sales process

You website should generate some sales otherwise no point of maintaining it.If it need to drive sales means you need to market your website by using Internet marketing techniques.

5.Operation cost

Maintaining the website means there will be some expenses.

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