Stage 1

Site analysis: When we get started, we’ve to analyzing data and the traffic to the site.
• The focus is to understand how visitors are getting to the site
• What they’re doing there.
• But you also need understand why they’re there and whether they were able to accomplish what they set out to do.
• How do you do that?

Stage 2

Site optimization: Gaining information about how visitors access and use the site to drive more visitors to the site, to optimize the experience of visitors once they are on the site, and to help more visitors accomplish what they were trying to do.

Stage 3

Segment targeting: As we continue to focus on improving customer experience, we start to look for ways to segment visitors into different groups
• Data explicitly provided by the visitor
• Insight inferred from the session and prior interaction data.

We then apply the segmentation to customize visit experiences and target content.

Stage 4

Individual customization: At some point, our ability to continually apply finer segmentation and impact results levels off. That’s when we start to apply individual-level web interaction data to customize online interactions.

Stage 5

Integrated marketing: This is fully integrated and customer-centric marketing in which we seek to integrate insight from online behavior with what we know of an individual across other channels.
We do this in order to inform and optimize all interactions – regardless of channel – with the individual.

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