Google Caffeine is counting every millisecond is very important and valuable for a user. Time and accuracy is very important for search engines.

According to Google, this new algorithm will more focus following main factors

•    Indexing

•    Crawling

•    Ranking
New Google Caffeine can be accessed at

As the real-time search are becoming famous and numerous competitions from rivals like Bing and Twitter.

Google is re-structuring their architecture with new improved search called Google Caffeine. Google is incorporating digital media videos, images as well as real-time news results and also from blogs, review websites, forums in between the search results.

One of the interesting point is Google is giving more importance for fresh content with no changes as previous architecture. Another interesting factor is Google knols are going up in Google Caffeine result pages. So Google Caffeine is more Knol-Friendly.

Important Factors of Google caffeine

•    URL structure is important

•    Google Caffeine very fast

•    It  indexing is in very large volume

•    Giving importance to Real-time search

•    More importance for accuracy

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