These days Social Media Network is everywhere. As this took over the internet, the businesses began their internet marketing on these networking sites to stay connected with their existing consumer base and also to expand their horizons. Google+ has created quite a sensation in the already existing social network. Even though there are two giants in the social networking arena – Facebook and Twitter, its main advantage is that it is created by one of the biggest brands – Google.


Businesses which start up need to spend money on advertisement and advertise like crazy to let the people out there know that the company exists. It is the advertising that creates a requirement for the product. Most of the small startup businesses do not have a lot of budget and in some cases do not have a budget at all for marketing. These companies invariably face losses and close down before anyone can recognize their name in the market.

Google+ is not just a social networking site but a tool which takes up what the company already has and builds on that thus assisting the company. All the company needs to do is to update the current contacts with Google. Google+ can provide more and more business with the number of people i.e. the friends and the friend’s friends accessing the product, including it in conversations. The product sells faster when it is recommended by friends to try it out. Google+ is similar to facebook in the concept of liking a page or anything for that matter. Google+ calls it +1. The advantage of this model is that this +1 concept is going to help in the ranking of pages. The more the number of +1 ‘s the company’s page is going to get the better position it will be in the search page. That is one main advantage of Google+ for businesses.

Google+ has now over 20 million users. As for the Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Google+ ranks higher than any other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It has the power to affect SEO greater than the other two any given day. Google+ has the ability to carry page ranks where as both Facebook and Twitter do not have such ace up their sleeves. All the other social networking sites have Nofollow links where in the google spider will follow the links shared but it will not affect the overall SEO for that link. As the search engines are basically controlled by Google, it can always make sure that the links shared in Google+ are followed and are counted in the ranking system.

Even though Google+ is relatively new in the market, using it will be beneficial for internet marketing of the businesses and adding SEO for all the efforts put in.