Viral Marketing and Viral Advertising is a powerful marketing technique.This uses existing social media channels to create brand awareness. And this also boosts the product sales or sign ups for a website. They will spread the message like computer viruses. Viral will spread across the web and encourages people to process the marketing message voluntarily. Spending money for newspaper ads, TV commercials, and banner ads is very costly nowadays and it cant show instant results as  its process is slow.


Viral Marketing is different types
1. Small Video clips
2. Interactive Flash Games
3. Interactive Images
4. Interactive Animations
5. Interactive GIF Animations

Viral marketing can be done in following ways
1. Viral ad should touch the people heart and create a gut feeling.

2. It should be  a challenge to know what is going to happen next?

3. Don’t try to advertise your service or product.

4. Do it as a series. People need to have the suspense eliment!

5. Give as much leverage as you can by providing all the web 2.0 features.
Ex: Addthis , tell a friend, embed code, downloading, sharing, bookmarking options and easy publishing to Social media

6. Always place an option for comments.

7. Viral ad should be simple and powerful. Don’t do complicated line ads. People will lose interest.

8. Don’t place login and register to view your viral ad,this will make the person who is a little bit interested think a second time about your company.

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