Digital Branding has its perks. You can create a huge impact on your audience once you have your audience or even before it if you know what you are doing. And if you do not, TopuTop is always there to ensure you make an impact anyway. So how do you go about creating a huge wave in the digital ethos?

The Answer: Viral Marketing.

If you are releasing a new product, if you are hoping to create large scale brand awareness and fast or if you just need to get into the eyes of the public before your competition gets there, you choose viral marketing.

At TopuTop, we love viral marketing because of the creative turmoil it puts us through. Viral marketing is performed through viral content which could involve videos, graphics or any other shareable material. The content should be so shocking or interesting or provocative that everyone who sees it is prompted to share it over their own social media profiles, YouTube channels and on their blogs.

Three basic steps we follow to help you go viral:

Market Research

Where is your target audience hanging out digitally? What kind of media are they sharing and what kind of media can hit a nerve with them? These answers are complicated. Yet we have the means to find out and accurately at that. Making Viral Marketing simpler is one of our main research and development objectives at TopuTop.

Creating Viral Strategy

Viral Marketing is a combination of placement, content and luck, luck being the only variable in the equation. At TopuTop, we minimize your reliance on this variable factor and maximise your effectiveness in the viral market through a variety of methods. Find the right places to seed content: be it online communities or e-mailers or private groups, and creating the right content in the form of videos and presentations about your product, your theme or your ideology in such a way that if makes a mark on your target audience is our speciality.

Making the Most of the Aftereffects

Redirecting all the people that made your content viral on to your own web or social media platform and turning them into loyal followers is a whole different challenge. For example, if you wanted to create a viral strategy to launch your new product, we at TopuTop can ensure that the people who helped your content hit viral over the internet are automatically converted into customers who are ready to buy and try your product.