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Online Advertising
Be the first in hunting latest stratagems in online..!!
With Toputop’s expanded range of interactive services in online marketing, you can dramatically redouble your search engine visibility and stay connected with the excited consumers that are ready to buy your products/services. Drive in high quality traffic that inflates your sales and enhances your ROI at a reduced advertising expenditure by aiming the interested audience.
Banner Ads
Banner ads are embedded into other web pages providing link to the advertiser website. The banner ads varies in size such as Square, Large rectangle, Leader board and Skyscrapers.
In General, the first five seconds are the key to get the user attention. In those five seconds, you have to influence them with your banner ad making it look splendid with attractive image and punchy ad message that creates curiosity about the product. This will make them to click on that ad and perform the desired action.
Points to recall in the creation of Banner Ad
• Appealing image copy
• Powerful headline which seizes the Attention of the customer
• Interesting sub-headline to create Interest on our product
• Brief and effective body copy to create Desire on our product
• Clear call-to-Action button for easy navigation
Banner ads help you to convert more in the content networks than in search networks. Banner ads generate more conversions than text ads in content networks. Toputop is specialized in the creation of stunning banner ads and make you get most of them.
Video Ads
Go beyond text, display and image messaging! Advertise with high-quality video ads that are customized to your needs. We serve your video ads to the relevant audience in target content networks and drive maximum exposure to your videos and thus to your website.
TopuTop publishes your video ads by attaching them to the contextually relevant articles in video sharing websites, content networks and several media websites. Assigns clear descriptions and taglines for better crawling of search engine spiders. This contextual relevancy helps you in getting top rankings in the search results and making it visible to one and all who read the article.
Upload your video ads today in content networks and receive tons of targeted traffic to your website.
Poster advertising is a great medium of online advertising that increases the traffic dramatically. Creation of eye-catching posters will give you the advantage of massive audience. Advertise your posters in various websites, blogs, social media networks, content networks and many more areas to increase the target audience.
Tips to attract the audience and make them visit your website to perform the required action.
• Use large sized posters in the sites with high traffic
• Ensure that the poster has one purpose and one meaningful message to promote your product/service
• Use brief, effective and colorful message to grab user’s attention
• Identify the best location and size of the poster for better appeal
We offer you the most efficient and relatively inexpensive form of poster advertising to get your message travel to the mass audience.
Sign Up today with TopuTop to know how interactive services/promotions help you in motivating your customers to engage instantly, significantly and noticeably with your brand.

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