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ITunes 11 Awesome New Features

iTunes 11 Awesome New Features


  • Shiny New Interface
  • iTunes is fast now & lightweight
  • Your Library Sidebar Is Gone
  • New Library
  • Browsing Through Music Is Different
  • iCloud Integration – iCloud Speed Is Really Fast & iCloud Syncing
  • New “Preview History” Feature
  • New MiniPlayer with Quick volume control, song progress
  • Store Looks the Same on All Your Devices Now(Responsive)
  • New iTunes Icon!
  • Purchase Recommendations from Your Library
  • Tasty Popovers
  • iTunes Music Is Sneakily More Cloud-Based
  • Scan iTunes Gift Cards with Your Camera
  • Expanded View Replaces Cover Flow
  • “Up Next” Feature
  • Preview History Tracks
  • Search Is Universal
  • Apps Get a List View
  • Cover Flow
  • The de-duper
  • iTunes DJ
  • Gapless playback editor
  • Multiple windows
  • Better Recommendations
  • More Social with Facebook integration
  • iTunes Match
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