It is a new revolution search engine for the future Businesses.

It is a never to relax attitude from Google

It is a newest secret project for next generation architecture of Google web search

It is a magical improvement in performance and efficiency of Google search results

It is an analysis and enhancements of present search engines to make up to date design, development of algorithm.

It is based on numerous calculations innumerable ways of getting results as user friendly navigations.

Google Caffeine

What is caffeine and Google’s caffeine?

Caffeine is a bitter (Better Search Engine), white crystalline xanthenes alkaloid (web-bots, crawl, indexing, ants) that is a psychoactive stimulant drug (proactive search engine with decisions).

Caffeine was discovered by a German chemist (Google’s Caffeine is discovered by team which is having passion and proud). He coined the term “kaffein”, a chemical compound in coffee (They coined this as new generation architecture for commercial components), which in English became caffeine (Google Caffeine).

Caffeine is also part of the chemical mixtures and insoluble complexes guaranine (complex mathematical theory and Importance on Real Time Search for present and future generation) found in guarana (Google Search), mateine  found in mate(with more appropriate), and thane found in tea (Technological advancements); all of which contain additional alkaloids (additional accuracy) such as the cardiac stimulants theophylline(comprehensiveness , speed and timely results with better optimization) and theobromine(Targeted keywords), and often other chemicals such as polyphenols(Page rank) which can form insoluble complexes( inbound links for external domains) with caffeine.

Little bit confused… just read this

Caffeine is better search engine, web-bots, crawls, indexing, ants that is proactive search engine with decisions. Google caffeine is discovered by team which is having passion and proud. They coined this as new generation architecture for commercial components. In English Google caffeine.

Google caffeine is also a complex mathematical theory and importance on real time search for present and future generation in Google search with more appropriate technological advancements which contain additional accuracy such as comprehensiveness, speed and timely results with better optimization, in this targeted keywords and page rank and Google indexing which can form inbound links for external domains.

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