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Landing Page Design

Landing page design plays a crucial role in driving the traffic to your website. Landing page defines the action being performed. A landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is a page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement, a search-engine result, or embedded email link. Once you are able to design a successful landing page, you can build your entire marketing plan around that.

A well designed, professional landing page can engage the audience with compelling promotions, establish trust and eventually afford them with something in return for the time and effort they spend on the website.

Before starting the landing page design ensure the below

1. Determine you action: Identify what action you want your users to execute.

2. Research: Do a thorough research the target audience demographics and analyze their mindset. Using Swipe files and Mac sheets identify the profitable page elements. It is not advisable to have a generic page. Use keyword or product specific pages with target message. Orient them as per your needs.

3. Search term and Ad relevancy: Utilize the keyword/search term in the landing page. Ensure that the ad copy message is being portrayed in the landing page.

4. Focal Point: Concentrate on a clear focal point to make the user perform the action.

5. Page Content: Provide with sufficient information to influence them. Make sure that the content creates curiosity in user to make them purchase the product/service.

6. Promotions: Depict your exclusive offers/promotions with a flash/blinking image in the right place.

7. Use Testimonials & Certifications: Place your testimonials to benefit from others. This sets you apart from your competition.

8. Navigation: Use Easy navigation for less confusion.

9. Use conversion exits: If the content in a particular page is more to be scrolled then provide conversion exits in more places so that it makes user to convert.

10. Make forms simple: For the user convenience, use pre-defined and auto-populated fields wherever possible. The cursor should automatically hop to the next field once the user completes the current field. Don’t ask for too many details that annoy (vex) the user. Focus only on the essentials and keep the form simple.

11. Clear call-to-action: Place call-to-action buttons like Buy Now, Sign Up and Subscribe.

12. Secured payment gateways: Display security and payment options clearly on the footer of the page. Ensure that the payment gateways are secure.

13. Resolution: Design the landing pages for widely used resolution monitors and browsers.

14. Keep on Testing: Test, Test and Test the page continuously. We can use website optimizer for testing the pages for free. Always keep on testing for the better/successful landing page with the valued feedback from your customer surveys.

Common challenges faced with the landing pages

• Design with larger resolution monitors
• Not having clear focal point
• Using more flash content that increases the loading time
• Not using the right content
• Not optimized for speed

We take care of all the measures in constructing the effective landing page for all your needs. Whether your purpose is to generate leads, e-commerce sales, sign up process, downloads and any other, TopuTop can design professional, informative, smart and well structured landing pages that are able to drive users to your website and make you get the most out of them.

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