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Local Paid Advertising

Reach your local prospects at an affordable cost.

Search is now becoming popular in local markets too. Majority of the people are now using search engines and local services like yellow pages to find the products/services in their hometown. With this, the local search is becoming popular day-by-day and created an importance for a local search campaign.

From ordinary shops and hotels to multiplexes, shopping malls and restaurants, everyone is advertising their products in online. For this, instead of targeting to the whole country, it is economical to use custom local targeting for a specific state, region, metro and some area in a city.

Benefits of Local Search

• Appears on the top of search results
• Local companies are given high priority over others
• Provides more information about the business before clicking on the ad which increases the accuracy of conversions and the conversion rate
• As they are more visual and get user attention, there is a chance of getting conversions.

Local Search can be of four types:

• Geo-targeted ad campaigns: This feature of major search engines let you to target to a specific geographic location. Whenever a user searches for term, then the IP address of that user is compared with the IP address of the targeted geographic area. If it matches, then the local ad is being displayed. In this feature, the campaigns can target to country, state, region, metro and zip code. Also, we can target to a custom area around a particular address or draw an area of custom polygon.

• Campaign with Local keywords: We can target the local audience by creating the keywords appended with the location name for eg: hotels in Houston. These location specific keywords when used by the searchers, the ads are being displayed without matching the IP address.

• Local Search engines: With the increase of local searches, most of the search engines are offering local search platforms. If the advertiser runs a geo-targeted campaign, then those will be also displayed in the local search results and no need of a separate campaign. But they should be run in the local service providers like Yellow pages and many other popular local networks like,

• Ad results in Maps: Many people search for the local businesses, products and services to know the local offers, store locations and directions. Google is major service provider for this. In Google local maps, the local business ads results will provide the useful information like the store address and directions to go for each text ad. This can be done by running an ad campaign in Google local business center.

Based on your requirement, TopuTop assists you in reaching your local audience in online to attract the targeted customers and take lead in getting the conversions.

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