Local Search Engine Optimization

Budget constraints often put small and medium enterprises in a tight spot when they think of ways to improve their product marketing. They cannot even think of the inbound marketing techniques like SEO as they are not sure of their return on investment (ROI). Hence, they tried to pin their hopes on cheap and predictable SEO in the past. However, the scenario changed with the search engine major changed its algorithm to completely transform the way that many perform SEO. The centrality of the new approach that has been implemented in the search engines is the reliance of content marketing strategy to bring traffic to the websites. For this, there should be some investment to generate quality content in the websites.

  • Create Local Places Pages: The first thing you require is the creation of local business pages in three search engines that are predominant in the market. Making of such pages is pretty easy. You need to fill in the business information there.
  • Optimize and Properly Categorize Your Page: While optimizing the business pages, upload a good number of high-quality photos of your products and services, and provide detailed information about the business, hours of operations, services you provide and products you make, if any. You also need to enter the category of your business to help the search engine easily understand. Often search engines do not show uncategorized businesses.
  • Accurate Business Citations: Always make sure that you have filled out the consistent information about the company in all listings. The Name, Address, and Phone number need to be clearly listed in all search engines. If you business listing is already there, claim the listing.
  • Online Reviews: Always make sure that you keep online reviews of your business, products and services ready. Google search engine picks up the cue from this to decide whether your business has to be listed at all. There are a large number of ways to improve your online reviews. One simple way to do this is hosting a button on your website prompting the visitors to write a review. This keeps updating your online review list.
  • Quality Photos: This point has already been listed when we talked about the on-page optimization. Here, I would like to simply repeat the same to underline the importance. When people are searching for local businesses, they want to see photos. While uploading the photos, try to get photos of your company’s building – both exterior and interior – services, logos and products.
  • Optimize Your Websites: While targeting the local area, try to write content targeting the local audience first. Also, make sure that you include the phone number, city or other regional keywords wherever possible to increase the visibility of your site. The more people you can connect with—local forums and organizations, etc.—the better chance you have that they might visit your website and hopefully link back!