RSS: Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.

An RSS feed is an XML format for distributing news headlines or titles on the Web. It is quite similar like HTML.RSS Feeds are simply called as “a list of items”.It is also called as “RSS”, Atom, XML, “feed”

RSS Feed Aggregator tools:

• Web-based: Bloglines

• PC (offline): Sharp Reader

• Mac (offline): Pears

RSS Feed Search Tools:

Technorati :


Benefits to RSS:

• Users can subscribe to their interested feeds.

• Standard for syndicating content through web

• Best stream of fresh web content

• Users can review the content quickly in short span of time.

• Through RSS feeds traffic to the website can be increased.

RSS feeds can be read by

• Desktop Feed Readers

• Web Based Readers


Some of the Top RSS Feed readers

RSS feeds can be used in

• Blogs

• Newsletters

• Weather Buzz

• Press Releases

• Specials Discounts / Offers

• Calendars

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