People love to microblog because it is very short and easy to understand.

Microblogging is blogging in the micro form. You make a point in less than 144 or 200 characters through your cell phone, email, Web, instant messenger, and so on. Just make your presence felt.

Microblogging seems to be catching on. A quick look at Alexa’s stats forĀ , the leading name in microblogging compared to those of, the popular blogging site throws up some food for thought. Blogger scores more on page views and number of people visiting it. But is climbing the traffic ranks steadily. In the past three months, it has jumped more than 1,200 places to reach a place within the first 1,000 sites.

Controls the content:

Right now there is no control.Would anyone be there to moderate these groups? Just like bloggers are meant to be responsible for the content they put up, microblogging also would need some sort of monitoring.


That’s all a very real possibility here. Are there measures in place to protect us from that! Anyone can sign up for any group and get indirect access to the mobile numbers of all people signed up on a site. There should be some spamming mechanism to protect from this.


Microblogging is immediate which blogging might not. But as a medium, it is still in its infancy. Will it turn into a lucrative medium? Watch out for some action there.


Microblogged content cannot have security, if it provides that would be fine in future.

As for why Twitter took off so much faster than Blogger, I came up with fourĀ  possible reasons (there are likely more):

1. Twitter is easier to use than Blogger was. All you need is a web browser or mobile phone.

2. Twitter has more ways to create a new message than Blogger did at that point. With Blogger, you needed to use the form on the web site to create a post. To post to Twitter, you can use the web, your phone, an IM client etc. It’s also far easier to send data to Twitter programmatic.News accounts alone sends a couple dozen new messages into the Twitter database.

3. Twitter has a much larger pool of available users than Blogger did. Blogger launched in August 1999 and Twitter almost 7 years later in March 2006. In the intervening time, hundreds of millions of people, the media, and technology & media companies have become familiar and comfortable with services like YouTube, Friendster, MySpace, Typepad, Blogger, Facebook, and GMail. Hundreds of millions more now have internet access and mobile phones. The potential user base for the two probably differed by an order of magnitude or two, if not more.

4. But the biggest factor is that the social aspect of Twitter is built in and that’s where the super-fast growth comes from. With the way Blogger worked, it just didn’t have the capability for that kind of growth.

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