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Mobile web design

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Mobile web design is the platform where a mobile customer can make instant purchases without wasting time searching for a desktop. The concept of Mobile web design is to provide the customers with a fast and a reliable website which can be easily accessed on their mobiles. Today’s customer is savvy when it comes to online browsing or using the internet. If the mobile website is not taking care of the customer’s requirements in terms of speed or effective display or navigation the customer would not think twice before switching to a different product or service. As all the transactions are made online, there will not be anything personal about the transaction and hence does not stir up any feelings of loyalty.

A good model of a mobile web design should consider some essential components like speed, simplicity, richness and must contain appropriate applications.The main aspect that needs to be considered in developing a mobile web design is that it should be different from that the customer might see on a regular desktop. The difference is as that of a website advertising a product on a website and that of a door – to – door salesperson.

The point to be kept in mind always is that the person looking at your mobile website is moving and is not stationary sitting with a good net connection. The person may be travelling and would like to check or complete the transactions/ purchases before losing the connectivity on their mobile phones. Hence, the website should load faster. Also to be kept in mind is that the customer is looking at the web design on a small mobile gadget and will not appreciate time going waste in changing the font and downloading flash players to access certain features on the web design. Hence, the web design should be clear and straight to the point of sale without any extra jazz available on the regular website to attract customers.

The key point that a successful mobile web designer would look at is how compatible is the current design with all the operating systems of popular mobiles. Making sure the design is compatible with different operating environments is the very important aspect of attracting a variety of clientele. The design should ensure that the customers have quick access and also, the problem gets solved easily. In case the customers face trouble or need quick help or need more information, a Helpline number must be provided. If there are store/stores for the company, details of the location if provided will ensure customers walking into the store.

The mobile website should be effective, fast and reliable in providing solutions to all the problems that the customer’s face and should produce opportunities to finish buying the product or service. An effective mobile design should be developed in such a way that it talks directly to the needs and wants of the customer.

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