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Online Marketing

Have you ever thought about the future of online marketing? In the current scenario in Internet marketing, the search engine optimization (SEO) has peaked. With each passing year, the Google search engine is getting smarter and smarter. With new algorithm updates only truly authoritative and quality, websites are getting sufficiently high ranking in search results. It’s still a useful marketing tactic, but no longer a fad to exploit. Meanwhile, content marketing is still a relatively fresh frontier. The frontier has arrived with the advent of services, tools and blogs that help businesses create more content more easily.

Different Strategies of Online Marketing

When the content marketing also goes mainstream, the “info noise” consumers hear will only increase. So how can businesses break through and find a new growth opportunity? Here are 3 steps (and one bonus tip) to help you get started:

  • Define who in your Network: Makes sure that the relevant contents are made for your online followers. How much value these contents are bringing to your business from the end users perspective? With these contents have you been able to make the customers come to your site and read your story to get acquainted with the products and services you offer? If yes, you can take the next step to reach out to your audience. For each contact, you think is a fit, send him or her a short email invite to “ally up” for your mutual benefit.
  • Decide how to manage your marketing alliances: This is the important part. Here, you can simply start by creating an email list with all your allies in it, or by creating a private Google+ or Facebook group that target your audience. Using this group, you can post links to content you want your audience to read and get acquainted with Likewise, you should be checking it regularly to see which of your allies you can help out in furthering your business.
  • Track results: Have you seen an increase in the number of likes or tweets your articles get? This would indicate that your website has seen a significant jump in traffic. Finally, check whether your customer count has risen or not?
  • Bonus: If you organize your acquaintances well, you can effectively add it to your marketing mix in only a few minutes per day or 20-30 minutes per week. You create content and share it with your allies. This may help you in the long run. You check for what relevant content they’ve created and want help promoting, and you re-share it.
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