Open Source Application Development

The software or application development has undergone paradigm shift with the introduction of open source community concept. The codes for the application developed using this concept are available for the public to make use of. The source codes for the applications have been made available to the public under the open source license policy. The users can change or improve its design to make the applications useful for the general public. The examples of popular open source applications include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android and the Apache OoenOffice Suite.

Organization of Open Source Development

During earlier times, the application development in the open source field was rather unstructured with everybody contributing. Sometimes there used to be redundancy in the development. Moreover, there were no clear development tools or management system to monitor the progress. Instead, each project had its own phases. More recently, there has been progress in that. Hence, we can see better coordination and communication within the open source community.

Open Source Development Approach

Open-source software development can be achieved by different methods. They are discussed below.

  • An individual who senses the need for a project intimates the same in the public. The individual may receive offers of help from others. Based on the response, a group may be formed. The group may then proceed to work on the code after assigning a specific task for each group member.
  • A developer working on the codebase releases it to the public as the first version of an open-source program. The developer continues to work on improving it. Possibly others join him with their inputs or suggestions. After a brief discussion, they may join with him to improve the code,
  • The source code of a mature project is released to the public, after being developed as proprietary software.
  • A well-established open-source project can be branched by an interested outside party. Several developers can then start a new project, whose source code then diverges from the original, based on the needs felt.