Paid Inclusion

Paid Inclusion (PI) is now referred as the “Search Submit Express”. This consists of submitting a ‘feed’ of your sites pages that you control directly into a search engine’s index. Paid inclusion lets Web site owners submit information about their pages to search engines. They’re guaranteed inclusion in the search engine’s index, but aren’t given any assurances regarding how their pages will be ranked.

How does it work?

Our proprietary technology manages both PI feeds and pay for placement campaigns within a single interface.

• We capture your site content. This can be done either via structured files/database provided by the marketer or we can do a URL crawl. You decide ‘when and what’ pages become available in the index.

• We convert content into an XML format and feed it directly to the search engine indexes.

• We ensure that your content is editorially compliant, indexed and relevant based on the unique requirements of a given engine. This helps generate high rankings.

• We continually optimize the feed titles & descriptions as well as landing pages. We provide optimization based on PI relevance or custom rules that you define.

• You have access to all types of robust reporting.

Benefits for the paid inclusion:

• Your editorial staff creates and review data submitted to the search engine so that the information is up to date and accurately reflects your latest product offerings.

• Listings appear in the main body of search results (also called algorithmic results) as opposed to Paid or Sponsored Listings.

• Allows a marketer’s deep content or pages that are hard to index to be exposed in search listings.

• PI listings are relevancy based as opposed to pay driven. So, the most relevant pages relative to the user’s search get the highest rank.

Paid Inclusion In Yahoo!

Yahoo’s new paid inclusion philosophy eliminates the free ride for clicks of past per-URL inclusion programs. Yahoo created a similar pricing model for XML and per-URL inclusion programs. A lack of per-click fees for traffic meant low incentive for Webmasters or Web marketers to keep page content relevant for earlier per-URL paid inclusion programs at Yahoo divisions (Inktomi, AltaVista, and FAST).
Some per-URL inclusion resellers even let marketers change URLs within a domain on a single annual inclusion. The ability to swap URLs within a domain may seem trivial, but some marketers used it as a method to tune pages for high position, regardless of relevance. They then turned off paid inclusion. Usually, search engine spiders found the optimized page and included it anyway. Yahoo probably found this abuse of the inclusion system resulted in suboptimal search experiences. A preponderance of affiliate and other poor content pages proliferated in its index.

Now, all commercial paid inclusion clicks generated through the Yahoo/Overture Site Match program will be charged at CPC. No one wants to pay for irrelevant traffic that won’t convert.

Features of yahoo paid inclusion:

• Relevance tuning
• Tuning for presentation/display
• Freshness
• Reporting
• Find out how to improve your web site

Activation time for the URL:
Your web pages will typically appear in search results within 4 days of submission.