Personal Branding of a Doctor

When every profession has a brand associated with it, even doctors can have their brands. Though it may appear odd, the branding is a way to present themselves online and control the way people will look at them. It is more important for them to keep their brand when they think about the difficulty in handling their personal brand due to the confidentiality rules and quirks of the modern world. Physician personal branding should center on three pillars: Specialization, philosophy, and a carefully overseen reputation.

  • Specialization: Many doctors choose to specialize these days for various reasons. Sometimes it is difficult for potential patients to determine which your specialty is and how it might apply to their cases. Hence, it would be prudent on your part to tell the prospective patients about your specialty and treatment methods through carefully designed websites, blogs or social media accounts. Through these platforms, share articles that might be interesting to a wider audience about your profession. Also, offer a perspective on a medical advance mentioned in the news about your area of specialization.
  • Philosophy: Another method to distinguish your brand is to articulate your philosophy as a physician. It may be reflected in the way you treat your patients. It could be by targeting the symptoms, or simple analysis of their whole lifestyle to determine. Are there particular methods you prefer while treating a chronic illness, or why do you prefer them? What role do you see yourself playing in a patient’s health?
  • A Carefully Monitored Reputation: It’s a reality of modern medicine that doctors have to face down malpractice suits. With these incidences increasing by the year, you need to carefully build your reputation by respectfully dealing with the patients. You need to make a respectable relationship with the patients by helping him to open up more to ensure the speedy diagnosis of the underlying disease. Sometimes, the doctor has to listen to the patient history to diagnose the disease correctly. For this, the doctor needs to have a good rapport with the patient on the platform of confidentiality. You also need to be patient enough to listen to the patient and treat him humanely.