comScore’s Video Metrix observes that 75% of US internet users watch three hours of online videos every day. A perfect platform for web video marketing has emerged in the form of these viewers who take numerous decisions largely based on the video marketing clips they watch. Tapping on this trend requires innovation and an understanding of the market along with a sense of urgency to connect with the audience.

Connect with the User

Make sure you connect with the user. Allow them a platform to share their views and comment on your Video SEO initiatives. They are the best judges of your product and would have fair views. Standing up to your viewer’s expectations can turn out to be a rewarding experience because they have an immediate impact on sales.

Experiment with Technology

If you are a technology pro, it is easy to generate a great response. Do not forget to create a video sitemap. Indexing your video SEO content makes it easier for the search engines to make you more searchable. Use the URL structure in an appropriate manner to signify the essence of your video SEO content so it works wonders for your web video marketing needs.

Attractive looks

Looks matter and when it comes to online video marketing the task gets even more challenging. Multiple competitors are doing rounds of the online marketing arena and you have to put your skills to test if you want to outshine them. Work on a compelling thumbnail image for your SEO video because this is your first contact with the potential client.
Alternatively, you can try adding relevant text to the video. Visual images coupled with rich information will play long in the mind of the reader, thus generating worthy business. In case you plan to use multiple videos for your web video marketing initiatives, using a single directory will make the task easier for search engines to look for and rank the videos.

Keyword Research

As in internet marketing , web video marketing also requires accurate keyword research to make the content and the video distinctly visible to the target audience. Inbound linking with keywords is a good idea to generate increased hits.