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Toputop guides you through the new lucrative and innovative ways of internet marketing techniques in delivering the message to the niche audience. One of the creative means of communicating is through social media marketing named as Podcasting. Podcasting can be Audio Podcasting or Video Podcasting. With this, the marketing message can be conveyed in iPods, MP3 players making compatible for all the Podcatchers.

Distinct Podcast Applications we provide

• Music Promotions
• E-Learning
• Audio, Video guides
• Business communications
• Product promotions
• Audio books
• Conference presentations

Benefits you can avail from Podcasting services

• Targeted audience from all search engines, audio/video sharing websites, Podcast directories
• Engages the prospects with the major niche products, brands, topics, press releases
• No geographical boundaries
• Boosts up brand awareness
• Memory retention
• Establishes and fortifies a lasting relationship with the listeners
• Prevents spamming
• Inexpensive medium for viral distribution of messages through the web.

Toputop offers full range of Podcasting services including programming, scripting, production, hosting, promotion and delivery via the major podcatchers in helping you reach your audience through media. We help you hit your potentials through the best social media marketing and communication tools.