One of the biggest benefits of building a blog for your company is the increased traffic that comes from new content and new search listings in the search results.


In fact, extra listings in the search results are one of the best selling points if you are trying to convince your company to launch a blog. Especially if you’re dealing with someone who thinks people don’t read blogs.

It’s necessary to blog your company to advertise your services, products and to tell all others about your company not like a magazine or a personal diary, every second of the day millions of people  go online to search for products, services, companies, solutions and answers – and guess what kind of content they find, content from keyword rich, search engine friendly blog posts.

Blog to list in Google rankings

On this point we agree, a lot of people don’t have time to sit down and to get perfect strangers – but, they do have the time and need to get information about the products, services, and companies they plan to do business with – and guess what kind of information they find when they search? – Blog posts. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Blog to develop yourself and to develop other Business Strategies

If your intent with a blog is to develop a large, engaged, readership and to become leader in your industry, a blog is a wonderful vehicle, as long as you realize you must work like crazy to implement this strategy. If, however, you simply want to show up in Google.

Blog as much as possible and make it a daily habit

Search as a way of life for your customers and prospects and has changed the game of marketing forever and while there are additional potent reasons to blog, enhancing your chances to rank well in the search game is reason enough for most small businesses to invest the little bit of time and energy it requires.

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