A simple website is enough to retain a visitor’s attention. Check out how we use the first five seconds of a browser’s attention to turn him/her into a visitor.

Your Website for Branding

While there are n number of businesses out there that bombard their visitors with information about the company through their websites, they fail to realise that this is their one chance to create a long lasting impact ‘aka’ re-collectible memory in the minds of customers.

Our practices at TopuTop ensure that your website’s higher purpose is digital branding, i.e. to make your visitors understand your concept and not just file away a block of information in their active memory titled ‘Go Through Later’. Because poor little ‘Go Through Later’ is never really gone through before it fades away into active memory.

If 5 seconds of visitor attention is all you get, here’s how TopuTop promises to convert the Attention to Retention.

Sec 1: Visitor Takes in Your Environment.

Elements we use: Creative Visual Graphics to customize the look and feel of your business.

Sec 2: Visitor takes in your Product

Elements:Tagline, Visual Display of Product(s), Cues to Speciality

Sec 3 & Sec 4: Visitor Understands your Concept

Elements: Flash Presentation/Design Elements pointing out your speciality. Eg. Features of your speciality product, Discounts, Home Delivery, Pricing, Deals, etc.

Sec 5: Visitor Decides to Stay

Elements: Visual cues of what to do next using input forms, web applications, and quality content. Eg. check out the e-catalogue, sign up for a newsletter, study the list of services further or contact the admins, etc.