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Search Engine Optimization

The myth behind the search engine positions is resolved

Search engine optimization is a process of implementing unique strategies for unique brands to attain top positions in the search engine results. Understanding the business, exploring the keywords, discovering the nuances, and implementing the plan to upbeat the competition, and measuring the performance through analytics; that is SEO. Search engine optimization is not just about attaining the top positions in the search engine space; it is about getting discovered by the users for their search queries.

Search engines are the reliable data stations which provide a set of results for the queries raised by the users in the search bar. Now, the majority of the users feel that the top results in the search engines are the most reliable brands.

Though it is a mere false perception, the majority of the brands in the market are battling it out to achieve the first position in the SERPs. The real sense of the search engines is to provide accurate information for the users who are posting the queries in the search bar. To ensure accurate information, search engines possess algorithms, bots, and crawlers to fetch data from the websites on the internet.

Most of the Internet geeks feel that SEO is no more effective after 2018

The fact is Search engine optimization is more useful than ever, and the search engines algorithms are working very hard to fetch the accurate result for the users. More and more updates are coming in the search engine algorithms to improve the quality and accuracy of the information.

The components of the SEO briefly revolve around the on Page optimization and off-page optimization. It is evident that On-page and Off-page strategies are inter-dependant and the outcome will be perfect only if the blend of the on the page and off the page is accurate.

At TopuTop, we master the skill to devise perfect SEO strategies to rank our clients/brands at the top of the search results. SEO provides information about your brand potential in internet space. This data-driven process will provide an insightful analysis of the results and marks the success of your strategies. With this Data analysis, effective search engine optimization strategies can be developed.
Join your hands with us to conquer the results in Local SEO, Organic SEO and Mobile SEO for your brand.

Conduct Keyword Research & Analysis

Keywords and phrases strategically placed and crafted into your website can significantly boost your ratings in search engine results. Your success in the search engine optimization will depend only on your keyword selection.

Our experts are following these steps in the keyword research: Website analysis, Keyword Analysis & Term Selection, page-specific & Country-specific keyword research, and Search Engine References. This will allow you to make the best-informed decisions about which terms to target.

Rightly placed vital phrases will bring more traffic. Your search rankings will eventually go up. Do this from the ground up, and continue to tweak your keywords and phrases for optimum search engine spider food.

Onpage Optimization

On the page, Promotion is to optimize your website on the desired keywords and will rank your pages higher in the search engine. So, your website will appear each time your future customer enters their product or service requirement on the search engine.

This attracts your target prospects quickly. Onpage optimization takes time to make sure all the pieces are in place. This kind of optimization should occur not only on the main web page of a web site but on every single content page within that site.
Toputop does site-map creation & updation, HTML code overview; the “visible” Onpage SEO like Page Title, URL, H1, H2 tags; and the “invisible” Onpage SEO like Meta-description, include a robots meta tag, Alt Attributes, etc.

Offpage Optimization

Offpage Promotion is to optimize your website by employing more proven internet marketing techniques. This means your site will get back-links to attract high organic traffic.

Offpage optimization is techniques you can use to help improve your Search Engine rankings but is done off your site. Which means it is done on other websites and not your own. On page requires you to do optimization on your web-pages, Offpage requires you to do it off-site.

In the Offpage we have so many techniques. Some of them are:

• Blogging
• Content Marketing
• Blog Building
• Video Submission
• RSS Feed Submission
• Classified Ad-creation & Posting
• Press Release Submission
• Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking (SBM)

We continuously train and motivate our SEO team on the above Latest Internet Marketing techniques and equip them with intelligent tools. So, you get trained Professional Internet Marketers working to generate a tidal wave of laser targeted traffic to your website at TopuTop.

SEO Copywriting

Toputop is a company providing the service for SEO copywriting which most of the organizations do not have. We are having professional copywriters for content optimization and unique content creation. Our Copywriters have the skills in both content writing and Search Engine Optimization.

Where it is used?

It is mainly used in the website content. Keyword relevancy plays a significant role in the website content and conveys the right message to the customers regarding our products and services. Based on the keyword relevancy, our website will get top ranking in the search engines. Secondly, for the creation of Articles, Press releases, Blogs, Newsletters, and Email marketing.

For the articles, keyword relevancy is more significant and able to attract visitors to our website. The intention behind all these things is to convey the right message to the right customers and make them understand regarding our website.

Why professionals required?

Anyone can write the content and articles, but the reason behind to choose the professionals is they write the material not only grammatical free, but they also research for the right keywords for SEO and include those keywords into your content for the keyword density. Based on your requirements, we write the content. We are optimizing the content continuously and make the changes if it is necessary.

For the Search Engine Optimization sites, Website content and Article writing are a more critical task. Toputop will make it happen for you to drive through your success.

SEO Training

Designing a website and marketing it in traditional ways is not going to give you much mileage in this web-centric world. The one and the only way to be always on the top of any search engines is optimizing your website which you usually outsource to some professional.

But now with this SEO training, you can optimize your website to be on the top of any search engines. Be it individuals who want to take this SEO as a profession or any corporate organization who want their team to handle this job can take advantage of this SEO training. SEO is an organization by itself.

Learning the process of Search Engine Optimization is like getting a cutting edge technology in your hands. We at, are ready to empower you with this powerful technique called “Search Engine Optimization.”

We train individuals and corporates with a lot of the latest information on the process of SEO. To empower yourself with one of the newest technique in web marketing that’s SEO to enroll yourself for this training at the earliest.

Contact us to enroll.

Search Engine Optimization

First, search engines crawl the Web to see what is there. A piece of software performs this task, called a crawler or a spider. Many companies are scammers, and they charge 1000s of dollars to spam the search engines.

Our whole background comes from web design and software development so we can handle any website with ease. We can manage any sites which are programmed in PHP, ASP, all HTML extensions, etc.

SEO Company

Crack the deal with result-oriented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services of SEO Company. We have a list of clients from across the globe. You can leverage our expertise in this field to boost your sales and attain top search rankings in different search engines.

As you are aware, search engine optimization is the best way to market or brand your products or services through the medium of the Internet. It helps the customers feel secure in their business with a broader presence and better user queries.

Our Expertise

Today, all businesses are focusing their activities through the online medium due to the rapid growth of the internet. For harnessing the power of the Internet, we provide the best SEO services to our clients so that they can improve their businesses.

It is made possible with the help of our SEO team that helps our clients to improve their businesses strategically. They use different strategies in SEO marketing to enhance the reach of the companies to their prospective clients. They do SEO and SMO for increasing traffic to the website.

Moreover, our experts create links, make directory submissions, use the pay-per-click model, and optimize search engine for better search results and search engine rankings. Apart from these, they provide social bookmarking and social media marketing services to further increase the number of visits to client sites.

Our Differentiators

As an upcoming SEO company in the region, we implement our strategies to meet the client’s requirements and match their expectations.

We also conduct internet marketing campaigns to increase sales and volume of the business of our clients. We deliver the expectations of the clients by helping them to get better visibility and reach.

Through our step-by-step brand building activities, we give hope to our customers. Due to the steadfast and systematic approach, we have been able to develop better business models of growth for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Crack the Deal with result-oriented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing Services of SEO Company. We are a growing SEO company in Hyderabad. We have reputed clients from different parts of the world. Leverage our expertise in this field to boost your sales with top rankings.

Search engine optimization is the best way to market or brand your products or services through the Internet. It helps the customers feel secure in their business with a broader presence.

What Do We Offer?

Nowadays everybody is focusing his or her business through the online medium due to the rapid growth of the internet. To leverage the power of the Internet, we provide the best SEO services to our clients.

For this purpose, we have a strong SEO team that helps our clients to improve their businesses strategically. These experts follow different strategies in SEO to enhance the reach of the companies. They do SEO and SMO for increasing visitors to the website.

This approach, in turn, increases the traffic to the website from different parts of the world. Our experts create links, make directory submissions, use the pay-per-click model, and optimize search engine for better results. Apart from these, they do social bookmarking and social media marketing to further multiply the visits to the client sites.

How We Stand Out?

As an upcoming SEO company in the region, we implement our strategies to meet the client’s requirements and expectations. We also conduct internet marketing campaigns in Hyderabad to boost up sales and increase the business.

We meet our business leads online and help them gain better visibility in the Internet environment. Through our step-by-step brand building activities, we give hope to our customers. Due to the steadfast and systematic approach, we have been able to develop a better rapport with the customers in the region.

Search Engine Optimization Company

In the world of Internet Marketing, visibility is all that matters. Once you have the right profile, it is but a stepping stone towards a successful business. Be it software, hardware or for that matter any industry; unless the work you do and the services you provide are visible to the outside world, it is next to impossible to dream about reaching never-before-seen heights in your business.

Search Engine Optimization came at a time when there was a growing need for businesses to put a foot into the online world firmly. This had several advantages. Firstly, you are visible to people who are far from your geographical location, and they can avail of your services based on their requirement.

Secondly, much of the advertising on the internet is free. Paid advertising also exists, but it is used only when there is a need to cater to a smaller group of people who would be interested in your product.

Now for a small business, it is a daunting task to reach out to potential customers without having made firm ground, product-wise. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works wonders.

This is a process of adding visibility to your website or a web page in a search engine’s search results. SEO uses web crawlers that help in refining search results using the concept of indexing. A few tweaks to your website can help in grabbing the attention of potential customers.

That is the whole idea behind optimization. Once you come to us for SEO, you will leave with customers. That’s the kind of service we provide.

Now isn’t this a one-of-a-kind strategy for you to achieve your required business goals instead of trying to build your contacts list and advertising which incur huge expenditures. Come, have a chat with us to know more.

SEO Services


The analysis is critical to know the standards of the particular company on the web and By knowing the engagement of the audience towards the website and the audience behavior can be analyzed as a part of SEO to estimate the things.

The website Analysis also carried out by analyzing the HTML code along with structure and the designing of the website with CMS.

Researching in Keywords

Keywords play an essential role in Search Engine Optimization. People search for their content on search engines with different types of keywords that are relevant to the content. So, the research on secondary and primary keywords was carried out and the keywords will include in the content of the website to increase the visibility

Other Services:

  • Social media optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Reputation management
  • Video SEO etc.,

Social Media Optimization Services

TopuTop provides valuable services in software development and marketing. Being a social-media-savvy company, it knows the powers of social media platform.

It has hands-on experience in developing social media campaigns and brand building to help its customers to realize their brand visibility in the online environment. After having such broad exposure, it wants to help the customers understand their potential through successful brand building online.

Expertise in Social Media Optimization

Regardless of the kind of website that you will create, you should want to implement Google SEO techniques on your site to make its visibility very high in the Internet environment. This is where the role of Invoke Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comes in.

Leveraging the power of Social Media Optimization, we make your content easily shareable across the social web. There are many options available in the world today where customers can view your materials.

Our expert SEO and Social Media experts help you to drive as much traffic as possible to a website to make the people go through creative content and attractive designs you have designed for them.

How Do We Do That?

We help you to develop engaging content and design first. Later, we link these features to social media so that your creativity is visible in every widget, applications, and social media entry points. This enables you to have the desired benefits to your brand.

We make sure that your content and design are viewable from every perceivable platform, including laptop, PC, tablet, Smartphone, etc.

SEO Reports

Our experts will help you to boost up your ROI

Toputop offers a result-oriented unique way to know about the facts of your SEO customer’s behavior, loyalty and the statistics about your website. We understand your business and our technical team will analyze the profitable channels and areas to make your online business succeed. We provide data about your customers on a periodic basis by analyzing SEO Reports.

• Visitor Information
• Website page wise data
• Country-wise data
• Visitors using search query terms
• Competitors data
• Competitor website statistics
• Competitor following procedures to get top ranking
• Your social networking information
• Blog statistics

We provide weekly and monthly SEO reporting system. From the reporting, you can avail all the above information. You can’t get these types of data from advanced tools like Google Analytics also. From this data, you can analyze the customer behavior and it helps you to boost your online sales.

Toputop not only provides the quantitative data, but it also gives you the qualitative data. Our SEO Reports give you the statistical and analytical data about your competitors and their following procedures to get the top rankings.

Our Social Media Optimization Services are listed below

  • We integrate social media into your Website
  • We set up and configure the Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and other Web 2.0 websites
  • Later, we link Social Media accounts together for greater efficiency
  • We help you to set the blog up on Word Press, Blogger, and other CMS platforms. Later, we design and optimize the blog on these platforms to have optimum results.
  • We help you to engage followers of your brand with special offers you want to give.
  • We help you to customize your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and Google+ page.
  • We provide you a robust widget development strategy.
  • With our expertise, we help you in brand promotion and customer base building activities.
  • We create and promote videos for better search engine rankings and targeted traffic to your website
  • We conduct the targeted PPC campaigns across all the social networks.
  • We conduct viral marketing.
  • We create and/or run contests using social networking accounts.
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