SEO Reports

Our Experts will help you to boost up your ROI

Toputop offers a result oriented unique way to know about the facts of your SEO customer’s behavior, loyalty and the statistics about your website. We understand about your business and our technical team will analyze the profitable channels and areas to make your online business succeed. We provide the data about your customers on a periodic basis.

• Visitor Information
• Website page wise data
• Country wise data
• Visitors using search query terms
• Competitors data
• Competitor website statistics
• Competitor following procedures to get top ranking
• Your social networking information
• Blog statistics

We provide weekly and monthly SEO reporting system. From the reporting, you can avail all the above information. You can’t get these types of data from the advanced tools like Google Analytics also. From this data, you can analyze the customer behavior and it helps you to boost your online sales.

Toputop not only provides the quantitative data, it provides you the qualitative data. Our reports give you the statistical and analytical data about your competitors and their following procedures to get the top rankings.