It is an overview of the pages within a website. It includes every page of the website.

For larger websites it is divided as different categories.

Sitemap gives a good overall flow of how the website is organized and clearly defines all the pages in the website.

Sub domain:
Sub domain is a process of dividing your website into different sections with short and easy to remember names.


Landing Page:
Landing pages has great importance in internet marketing communications. Design your landing page with your primary goal in mind
Optimized landing pages can improve online campaign results dramatically.

Landing page main aspects evaluated:
• Fix your primary goals
• URLs
• Location of the landing page
• Call-to-action button
• Look should be great
• Must inclusion of forms
• Repetition of email promotional copy
• Clear Logos and navigation bars
• Design layout
• Copy length and little scrolls
• Use of headings and main points
• Inclusion of photography, main product/service focus
• Little animation
• Opt-in requests

Landing page should follow
• Site hierarchy
• Design principles
• Make it simple

Development cycle of Landing Page
• Objectives or Goal
• Brief or Description
Website Design / Layout
• Validation / Testing
• Integration
• Publication
• Verification
• Launch

Landing Page tools

• LiveBall : A/B testing

• Omniture : MVT testing

• Google WO : A/B MVT

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