Social Media is a wide spread channel where you can directly communicate with your potentials. It provides you with the insight of the people on your product or service. You can get in-depth insight into your reputation through social media. It is a platform to converse with the individuals to identify the emerging trends and interests of the people. Social media is about building relationships with the potentials. Its not just pushing your business message but sharing the experiences and ideas of the communities. Interaction with the people gives the ‘true’ information on your niche. So start conversing with the customers.


How, Where, With whom to start your conversation is a bit confusing point. Identify the place where conversations are mentioning your niche. Listen to the buzz popping up and determine how you can be the best part of it. Listen to the communities’ experiences by participating in the conversations, by asking questions, looking for feedback. Instant feed back from the end user is more trust worthy than any other focused research. Social Media has many ways to use but choose the right way to make the most sensible use of it.

Social Media Marketing is comprised of many different platforms like Blogs, Myspace, youtube, Dig, Friendfeed to mention a few. You need to spread your message among your potentials. Monitoring all the sources of buzz is of time taking and may cause aggravation. So you can make use of some tools to monitor the online conversations. Social Media aggregates the results from Flicker, Dig, YouTube, FriendFeed and other social media sites.

Unlike other campaigns, measuring social media marketing success may not give the exact figures of the diverted traffic but can be measured by analyzing –What did you learn something interesting about your customers– What did your customers learn something about you?– Were you are able to engage your customers in new conversations? and many questions to add. You can get the aggregated answers by using the tool like Trendpedia-a blog search engine that allows you to both track and graph topics as well as compare with your competitors.

Social media marketing facilitates to interact with the potentials but a face to face interaction turns them into your customers. So plan a direct interaction with your online potentials. You need to be active in social media sphere to attract your potential customers. So start your conversation to establish a two way dialog with the key potentials to liberate them to speak with you, not at you.

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