Social Media Marketing in India – A Study

According to the recent media reports, Indian organizations use social media much more than those of their counterparts in emerging economies. Even in global terms, the domestic companies in our country are far ahead of other competitors in the global market. Though there are a number of case studies and online tools to gather insights, the reputed analytical company Ernst & Young LLP wanted to explore how tech-savvy organizations in India are using this medium.

About the Study

Through this study, the management consulting and research firm wanted to understand social media objectives, tactics, departments that manage social media in the Indian conditions. The study also wanted to know how organizations use social media advertisements to measure, budget and analyze the agency environment among others. With this objective in mind, in the last quarter of 2012 and early 2013, the firm reached out to various organizations in India.

Study Methodology and Results

They received a total of 48 participations from professionals who are responsible for managing the digital outreaches of their respective organizations or brands. As they expected, the study has thrown up some good insights. These are outlined below.

  • Most organizations in India use this medium to build communities. Some others use this medium to spread their news.
  • Facebook has become the most important platform for marketers in India for engaging the customers. It is followed by Twitter, YouTube, and blogs.
  • Social media-savvy organizations have conducted campaigns to speed up the process of brand building. For this, they show special favors for online fans.
  • Most Indian organizations or businesses use social media to promote advertisements, campaigns, and brand awareness. According to these companies, the social media is beneficial for them.
  • Most businesses in our country measure social media efforts through platform-specific parameters. However, some are increasingly found to measure the success in terms of leads, sentiments, and brand visibility.
  • Almost half of the social media-savvy organizations surveyed spend between 1-5% of their marketing budget on social media, with most budgets below Rs. 10 million.Most of the campaigning for the companies is done by marketing teams.
  • The majority of social media-savvy organizations in India use standalone digital agencies as compared to PR or advertisement agencies.
  • Social media-savvy organizations in India are very optimistic about the future