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Social media network is a marketplace where people can share their opinions, experiences, perspectives and perceptions with others. Popular social mediums are message boards, blogs, audio and video, podcasts and wikis.

TopuTop is specialized in executing Social Media Marketing solutions to help you amplify your brand presence, increase traffic, improve sales and in turn maximize the ROI. Social media marketing is an economical mode of advertising through social media channels and social media releases to attract massive amount of visitors to your website. Whether you want to sell your products, publish the business updates, press releases, Social media marketing is the powerful method that will earn you profits on a long run.

Social Media Marketing is the easy way to access the real audience. The visitors share their reviews about a product/service and recommend the site to others through Social media websites. More the number of reviews, faster the word spreads. This helps you increase the popularity of your brand and increase the number of loyal visitors to your website.

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Before you venture your journey through SMM, aim your target audience with thorough research and understanding their preferences and prepare answers for these queries…

• Business objectives and goals you want to accomplish

• Social media channels used by your target audience

• Build a perfect strategy and plan to reach them

• Message you want to communicate using SMM

• How do you measure and optimize ROI for SMM campaigns?

TopuTop adds value to your social media marketing by ensuring the following

• Understands your business objectives and goals

• Identify the target audience

• Social media channels used by your desired audience

• Strategize and plan

• Business blog creation/enhancement of the existing blog

• Easy to tag and bookmark

• Building your social media profile with reliable and loyal audience

• Creating compelling content that grabs the user attention and make them want to link to you, recommend more users and stay in touch

• Avoids spamming

• Building lasting relationship with your customers who helps in spreading the word

• Monitors your reputation by keeping track of the conversations from your supporters and critics.

• Alerts you when an opportunity comes your way and makes you to take advantage of them to incur more revenues

• Measures all sorts of changes in the audience behavior, incoming links, remarks, etc

Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing is not a one-way communication or a commenting platform. It is the place where newsworthy two-way conversations happen between the real audience and you. We mix our SEO strategies with SMO to render you maximal exposure online. Our distinctive methods of Social media optimization include adding up RSS feeds, adding a “Digg this” or “Tweet it in Twitter” buttons to company articles, blogging and integrating third party community functionalities such as YouTube videos, Flickr photo slides, Photo/Video galleries.

Our optimization services make you

• Get experience with the increased site traffic

• Build more and more consumer groups

• Provide back links to the website

• Research more forums pertinent to your offerings

• Engage readers with propelling content and reviews

• Post updates and events about your business

Our proven expertise will deliver the quality traffic and leverage your ROI using Social media marketing.

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