Social Media Optimization

SMO Builds Lasting Relationships through Communication

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is more than word of mouth marketing. The use of Social Media sites as a tool to reach out to your audience has grown to become a necessary extension of every business. SMO creates an open line of communication with your clients, customers, and prospects and frankly, many expect your participation these days. Through this open, yet controlled interaction, you can discuss your products and services with the people directly involved with buying or selling those products and services. The explosive rise of sites like MySpace and DIGG prove how every business can benefit from discussion with an interested market. In the end, that’s what Social Media is all about Targeted discussion with invested participants.

Community based sites, blogs, online video, and other interactive forms of communication are continually changing growing with their participants. SMO uses that evolution to build your brand image by initiating two-way conversation with the people most interested in what you do. And no matter what you do, the Internet will always play host to a group of people drawn to your business. Every widget has an audience. Our Social Media Optimization services merely give your business the platform it needs to speak to your audience.

Our SMO services include:

• Creating Social Media profiles (MySpace, Facebook, VIRB, etc)
• Writing and/or participating in Blogs
• Orchestrating RSS feeds
• Social Bookmarking
• Creating and/or monitoring message boards, forums, or other groups

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