Social media marketing has picked up as the latest marketing tool for small and large businesses. With the right social media strategy, you can promote your business requirements online. The Center for Media Research and Social Media Marketing Report for 2010 substantiates the claims that social media marketing has gained increasing acceptance amongst marketers. The study concludes that joining the social media bandwagon was the topmost priority amongst business owners in 2010. Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook have emerged as the favorite choices.


It is important to develop a social media strategy based on real time assumptions. A critical analysis of your business needs will help you derive what would work wonders for your initiative.

Why join the bandwagon?

You need to answer this question before you plan your social media marketing strategy. Are you working for a niche segment you need to tap online? Or are you developing a product that needs mass advertising to produce viable sales? While both require a different social media strategy, great results can be achieved with the right one.

Integrate your company objectives

Once on the social network radar, you need to rework and synergize company objectives to suit your social media strategy. Such realignment helps develop and approach that works for your product and end customer. The right research coupled with accurate vision are important to social media consulting because they help decide the right social media tool for you—writing blogs, promoting your initiative on social networks, podcasts or microblogging.

Interact and develop relations

Be inquisitive, research a lot and be the first to post comments on queries. This will help you catch the pulse of the audience, who is always eager to get fruitful solutions at the first call.

Don’t go by numbers. Develop your brand image and be forthcoming in answering the queries of your readers at the first instance. Evolving an effective social media consulting strategy depends on your vision, understanding of the market needs and how adept you are at formalizing solutions.

Constantly evolve strategies

Changing business goals and increasing competition require continuous reworking of social media marketing strategies. Measure your success by the comments you get from followers on your blog and the shift in your customer base on Facebook and Twitter. Develop your brand image to convey the right message to your followers and capture the leads you encounter to rework your strategies.

Work out a carefully thought out plan, support your strategies with facts, and reap the benefits of social media consulting. It’s an exciting world!