Today, a recommendation from another person ‘just like me’ is the most trusted form of advertising.


Definitively speaking, social media, also known as consumer generated media or online PR, is a group of internet based applications that are ideologically and technologically built over the foundations of Web 2.0 and will allow the user generated content to be created and exchanged. This partnership of technology and social interaction results in the co-creation of value, which is the core of social media.

The emergence and effectiveness of Web 2.0 lies in engaging people in online conversations which gave birth to a new way of marketing called the Social Media. Today, the markets are metamorphing from being simple communication to become conversations.

The advent of social media has certainly made some landslide changes in the way companies market their products or services. Social Media Marketing is not simply about passing or communicating or sharing or exchanging information anymore, rather it’s about conversing.

Strategising Social Media

1. Pay attention to the conversations

Involve yourself in the online conversations pay attention and try finding out who are saying what about you and where they are saying it.

2. Join the conversation

It’s all about making your voice heard in the conversation that concerns you. Make your point – clear and precise. Try to become the lead voice of the conversation.

3. Estimate your leverage

Establish a goal or a benchmark on how well you can leverage the social media. Visualize your results, both tangible and intangible.

4. Investigate

It is imperative to pin point the source, where the conversations that concern you are voicing from, blogs, communities’ etc. This helps to decide where to put your money.

5. Find the influencer

It is very important to find whose is influencing the conversation and how much trust the influencer carries amongst the people participating in the conversation.

6. Plan your conversation

What you say is decisive. Your conversation must be meaningful and at the same time, enticing. Otherwise you risk loosing your customer.

7. What’s your arena?

Selecting the right place to start your conversation makes all the difference. Facebook, twitter or any other, take your pick wisely.

8. Its all about the content

Content of your conversation is crucial and must be interesting, informative, meaningful and useful. How you say is just as important as what you say. Delivery of your content must be immaculate.

9. Being an active host

Remember, social media is not just about communication, but conversation. Continuous conversations with customers are a must. Be an active host of the conversations, respond fast to queries – customers can’t wait.

10.Quantify the outcome

Quantifying the outcome of your conversations must be done. You need to measure the results of your efforts so as to facilitate any change in strategy if and when required.

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